Why Antalya?

Many know the Turkish Mediterranean coast from vacation and, after years of returning to the seaside resorts, decide to stay there permanently. The climate and the prices for real estate and the cost of living speak for themselves. The Mediterranean coast of Turkey is one of the most popular emigration destinations. Around 25,000 Germans, 10,000 of them in the popular holiday resorts of Antalya and Alanya, have already settled permanently – and the trend is rising. The places have a well-developed tourist infrastructure and are particularly well suited to German visitors. Many locals speak and the cost of living and services are significantly lower in Turkey than in Germany. Compared to Germany, cheap real estate prices bring the dream of owning a home closer for many. Antalya offers everything your heart desires. Who fine sandy beaches (Lara Beach is the longest sandy beach in Turkey) and crystal clear Loves water, skiing, hiking in the nearby Taurus Mountains or Green Canyon, golfing in nearby Belek and/or wants to be pampered in specialty restaurants in the evening, Antalya is the perfect place for them. In addition to a renowned Opera house and performance venues, interesting art galleries and small boutiques, you will find historical buildings from the times of the Ottoman Empire, the Byzantines and the ancient Romans.

In addition, Germany has concluded agreements with Turkey that simplify the legal situation relating to residence, taxes, pensions, insurance, visas and the purchase of real estate and make emigration even more attractive in retirement. More information on this can be found on the Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

Real estate in Antalya is becoming an increasingly popular form of investment for foreign investors. The reasons for this are the average annual increase in value of 12.2% (in the last 10 years) and the still very cheap purchase prices (due to the fall in value of the lira). The properties can either be rented out completely, used partially or completely as a holiday apartment or holiday home or as a retirement home.